October 2019

Stephanie joins our lab, after a long journey from Belo Horizonte! Welcome to the team!

Dr. Payel Sen visits Einstein from the National Institute of Aging (Baltimore, MD) (link). It was a great day, and her science in cryptic transcription associated to aging intrigued a vast audience that came to her seminar.

The Musicians of Einstein perform at the Woodstock revival and the celebration of 2nd year PhD students (see pictures).

September 2019

Simone presents an internal seminar where the lab plan and initial steps is described. The pictures before the renovation already seem unbelievably old (see here).

Our method to investigate nucleosome turnover in vivo is published in Scientific Reports (see here).

For Einstein postdocs: come discuss about career paths with junior faculties! We want to hear your stories and tell you that there are many ways to be successful! Register here. Here is the flyer.

Congratulations to Kevin for his publication in using a single chromatographic method for bottom-up and middle-down histone analysis (link here)!

Simone participates to the Interstellar initiative, a very exciting collaboration between the New York Academy of Sciences and the Japan Agency for Medical Research and Development. The idea of this workshop is to bring together scientists with very different backgrounds and many countries to develop innovative projects. It was challenging, but very inspiring! See the pictures of the event (here).

Simone presents at the State University of New York at Albany. Thank you very much Morgan Sammons for the invitation, and see you in December at Einstein! (see Morgan lab website here).

August 2019

Our manuscript to investigate chromatin accessibility via metabolic labeling is accepted in Scientific Reports! We will update you soon once the manuscript is available.

We received our new server (see here)! 512 GB of RAM and 350 TB of space for mind-blowing bioinformatics. We will update you soon with our new searches using the Graphic Processing Unit.

Simone gives a lecture about “History of mass spectrometry” to teach the new Class of students (see Student Day here) why their work will matter, no matter how big or small.

The lab is starting to get familiar with the new instrument (link)!

Meeting up with our proteomics friends in New York City. In the picture, we have Pavel Shliaha from Microchemistry & Proteomics at Memorial Sloan Kettering, Søren Heissel from the Proteomics Resource Center at The Rockefeller University and Katarzyna Kulej from UPenn. New York is full of amazing labs and companies working with proteomics and mass spectrometry!

July 2019

The magazine Fortune Italia mentions our lab as Top 10 Italian scientists under 40 to “keep an eye on” (read here, in Italian). We are honored for the recognition, also because we know way more than 10 Italian scientists who are doing excellent work :-)

Simone introduces the lab to the new MD/PhD students at Einstein! Very interesting discussion, which means very promising young minds growing.

New section on the website: publications! The first work coming out with our new affiliation at Einstein!

Also Funding & Awards section added! We are very grateful to all those who support our research and recognize the importance of chromatin proteomics, especially considering that there are many many other scientists who equally or more deserve recognition.

We added the first Team members to the website. The Einstein Proteomics Core is filled with great talent, and we have decided to merge our space for a very productive collaboration. More members coming very soon.

The Sidoli lab and the David lab at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSKCC) meet to discuss future plans to investigate still “dark sides” of chromatin. Take a look at the team of Yael David and the amazing things they do with chemical biology (link)!

June 2019

Simone is attending the CelVivo course in the lovely Odense, Denmark (pictures here). CelVivo is a company developing a new type of incubator to grow cell cultures as large spheroids, modeling cell behavior in three-dimensional tissues (read here).

We are back from another exciting ASMS conference, this year in Atlanta (GA). We presented the high-throughput histone analysis with direct injection, and discussed lots of mass spec science with friends and colleagues (pictures here).

May 2019

Simone’s last (very brief) interview in the Garcia lab describes his most amazing discovery: collaboration (see here).

Our Orbitrap Fusion Lumos is here (see pictures)!

Simone presents the new structure of the Proteomics Core at the Seeds for Collaboration meeting, featuring the first edition of the Proteomics Cookbook (available in Resources).

An exciting museum piece for those interested in history of mass spectrometry: the first electrospray-based mass spectrometer of John Fenn (Science History Museum, Philadelphia).

The manuscript describing the use of direct injection for histone peptide analysis is accepted in Genome Research! The so-called “NanoMate method” is finally available to everyone (see here).

Simone gives a seminar at Rutgers University hosted by Prof. Sam Gu. We took a few pictures, but we clearly have to include some people in them next time… (see here).

The main lab renovation is finished (see here), and we started to receive the large equipment (see here)!

April 2019

Forbes ranks Einstein among the Nation’s best midsize employers (read here).

April 10th 2019 is an historical day! This is when scientists and telescopes from all around the world created a massive collaboration to obtain the first ever picture of a black hole. We think this is a good day to celebrate our co-founder, who first predicted their existence with the theory of general relativity (read about Einstein history).

March 2019

Our new U.S. congressional representative, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, will come to the Einstein campus on Friday, March 29 to participate in a town hall-style event produced by cable news channel MSNBC (link).

We are officially hiring! Check out our contact section.

The Albert Einstein College of Medicine becomes an independent degree-granting authority (red more here).

Other crazy news: New York City approves a Metro North station right in front of Einstein (read project here), connecting Manhattan, suburbs and nearby towns even more. We bet our neighborhood will look quite different in a few years.

Simone receives the Umberto Mortari award in Rome (Italy) for young Italian investigator abroad (pictures). Fortune publishes a press release (here, in Italian).

February 2019

The mass spec room is completed, and the lab renovation is progressing quickly (link). Now shopping list!

February 25th 2019 is the official day when the Sidoli lab opens!

January 2019

Simone discusses with Andrew F. Jarnuczak about middle-down and top-down proteomics (link).

Simone gives a class at the PhD students of Pharmacy, Medicine and Agrarian Sciences at the University of Parma (Italy).

December 2018

The lab renovation has started! First (and heaviest) step: remove the old FT-ICR from the mass spec room (see here).

October 2018

Simone presents his work at the Albert Einstein Cancer Center retreat.

Simone gives a seminar at the University of Trento (Italy) at the Center for Integrative Biology (CIBIO). The visit was also sponsored by Immagina BioTechnology, a very rapidly growing start-up developing kits and publishing important science on the analysis of polyribosomes.

The website where to download isoScale slim has been updated (link here). isoScale slim can be used to process results from Mascot (Matrix Science) to filter and quantify middle-down size histone tails.

September 2018

The digital tour guide of the website has been created! A huge thanks to the people at Digital Puppets for the amazing work! Soon, he will be the one guiding through our new publications and other videos.

The Garcia lab says goodbye to Simone (ahead of time). See the pictures here.

Simone signs for Albert Einstein! The starting date is yet to be defined, but we are getting ready!