Janssen, Sidoli and Garcia, Methods in Enzymology (2017)

Janssen, Sidoli and Garcia, Methods in Enzymology (2017)


We created a little booklet to assist customers of the Einstein Proteomics Core. The Core provides services for protein analysis of multiple kinds. This booklet is intended to help customers with the preparation of samples and also to brainstorm new ideas to analyze their model system.

isoscale slim: middle-down MS identifications

We developed a software to validate MS/MS spectra and quantify polypeptides identified by Mascot (Matrix Science, UK) database searching engine. The tools are made in collaboration between the University of Southern Denmark and the University of Pennsylvania.

CrosstalkDB: a PTM cross-talk repository

This database aims to collect mass spectrometry data of multiply modified proteins or long peptide sequences. You can search, analyze and download data from this database without having to log in.

Giapronto: statistics and graphics of proteomics data

GiaPronto facilitates data analysis of proteomics results. It requires just a text file with minimal editing, and it performs automatically normalization, basic statistics (t-test) and data visualization. Each figure includes a comprehensive caption that should assist its interpretation.

Epiprofile Lite: quantification of histone peptides from DI-MS

This software extracts histone peptide abundance using spectra acquired using direct injection mass spectrometry (DI-MS), i.e. sample sprayed directly without using liquid chromatography.