The Sidoli lab applies mass spectrometry to cell biology


Our work focuses in identifying new mechanisms that regulate chromatin, the control panel of the cell. We develop and exploit proteomics techniques to define how chromatin dynamics define how we look likeā€¦ and how we can intercept disease development


Latest News

Photo section updated October 10th, 2019 (Musicians of Einstein)

October 2019

Stephanie joins our lab, after a long journey from Belo Horizonte! Welcome to the team!

Dr. Payel Sen visits Einstein from the National Institute of Aging (Baltimore, MD) (link). It was a great day, and her science in cryptic transcription associated to aging intrigued a vast audience that came to her seminar.

The Musicians of Einstein perform at the Woodstock revival and the celebration of 2nd year PhD students (see pictures).

September 2019

Simone presents an internal seminar where the lab plan and initial steps is described. The pictures before the renovation already seem unbelievably old (see here).

Our method to investigate nucleosome turnover in vivo is published in Scientific Reports (see here).

For Einstein postdocs: come discuss about career paths with junior faculties! We want to hear your stories and tell you that there are many ways to be successful! Register here. Here is the flyer.

Congratulations to Kevin for his publication in using a single chromatographic method for bottom-up and middle-down histone analysis (link here)!

Simone participates to the Interstellar initiative, a very exciting collaboration between the New York Academy of Sciences and the Japan Agency for Medical Research and Development. The idea of this workshop is to bring together scientists with very different backgrounds and many countries to develop innovative projects. It was challenging, but very inspiring! See the pictures of the event (here).

Simone presents at the State University of New York at Albany. Thank you very much Morgan Sammons for the invitation, and see you in December at Einstein! (see Morgan lab website here).