The Sidoli lab applies mass spectrometry to cell biology


Our work focuses in identifying new mechanisms that regulate chromatin, the control panel of the cell. We develop and exploit proteomics techniques to define how chromatin dynamics define how we look like… and how we can intercept disease development


Latest News

Photo section updated June 14th, 2019 (Unpacking equipment)

June 2019

We are back from another exciting ASMS conference, this year in Atlanta (GA). We presented the high-throughput histone analysis with direct injection, and discussed lots of mass spec science with friends and colleagues (pictures here).

May 2019

Simone’s last (very brief) interview in the Garcia lab describes his most amazing discovery: collaboration (see here).

Our Orbitrap Fusion Lumos is here (see pictures)!

Simone presents the new structure of the Proteomics Core at the Seeds for Collaboration meeting, featuring the first edition of the Proteomics Cookbook (available in Resources).

An exciting museum piece for those interested in history of mass spectrometry: the first electrospray-based mass spectrometer of John Fenn (Science History Museum, Philadelphia).

The manuscript describing the use of direct injection for histone peptide analysis is accepted in Genome Research! The so-called “NanoMate method” is finally available to everyone (see here).

Simone gives a seminar at Rutgers University hosted by Prof. Sam Gu. We took a few pictures, but we clearly have to include some people in them next time… (see here).

The main lab renovation is finished (see here), and we started to receive the large equipment (see here)!