Stephanie Stranski-Lauar

Stephanie is the first official postdoc of the Sidoli lab! She joined us in September 2019, and she will work on developing methods to quantify chromatin states. She is also our leader in the 3D cell biology, and she is definitely better at soccer than any of us!


Edward nieves

Eddie is Assistant Director of the Proteomics Core. He has helped so many labs with their proteomics and small-molecule projects by designing the experiment, optimizing the analysis and with data interpretation. He can fix everything around here!


Jennifer T. Aguilan

Jenny works with us and with Pathology. She is a specialist of mass spectrometry-imaging, but she runs a lot of proteomics experiments as well. She works on the development of multiple assays for patient diagnostics.


Carlos madrid-aliste

Carlos is our bioinformatician, scientific programmer, database expert, system administrator etc. He is always on top of our informatics problems, whichever they are. He has a lot of patience with us, which he developed by packing and carrying percussions everywhere. In fact, Carlos is a percusionist with a non-profit drum and dance company!